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Private Lessons

I offer lessons in both voice and flute, and welcome students at any skill level! Teaching is truly a passion of mine, and I love to watch my students grow as musicians. I have taught both in a classroom setting, and private-lesson setting. My favorite moment as a teacher is seeing the “aha! I get it now!”, or the “I did it!” looks on the students’ face when they have worked so hard to master something new. These are the looks of wonder, discovery, and accomplishment, and they are the foundation of my passion as an educator and musician. Voice lessons begin in 4th grade, and flute lessons begin in 6th grade. Students taking lessons will need to provide their own materials and books. This may look different for each student, and information on those specifics will be given individually. From building foundations, to growing as seasoned musicians, I help my students accomplish their goals! Contact me for more information!

Flute Lesson
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